A one-of-a-kind hockey facility is coming to


The DAWG Nation Vision

DAWG Nation is striving to invigorate the Colorado ice hockey community by creating unique events, support, and opportunities for players and their families. all while promoting high standards in health, wellness, generosity, and fair play. We began in 2011 as a small group honoring a fallen teammate. We bonded together, dedicated our resources, and have grown into an influential organization which makes meaningful contributions, positively impacting the entire Colorado hockey community.

This continuing mission has led us to an exciting announcement. DAWG Nation will design, construct, and operate the nation’s first multi-sheet hockey facility which is purpose-built to support both disabled and able-bodied athletes... We know this is ambitious, but with your help, this unique effort will be achieved. We are partnering with some of Colorado’s leading companies, and I hope you’ll join with us to make this dream become reality!

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